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BS88 Fuse

A British Standard Fuse
Produced by EATON Bussmann Electrical
Available at LWD for EATON Bussmann Electrical

Definition of BS 88

BS 88 cartridge fuses for voltages up to and including 1000 V a.c. and 1500 V d.c.

Definition of Fuse

A fuse is a device that, by the fusion of one or more of its specially designed and proportioned components, opens the circuit in which it is inserted and breaks the current when this exceeds a given value for a sufficient time. The fuse comprises all the parts that from the complete device. (BS 88)

A fuse therefore a complete device consisting of fuse holder -consisting of fuse base and fuse carrier and a fuse link.

Definition of Fuse Link

A fuselink is a device comprising a fuse element or several fuse elements connected in parallel enclosed in a cartridge, usually filled with an arc-extinguishing medium and connected to terminations, the fuselink is the part of a fuse which requires replacing after the fuse has operated. (BS 88)

We would suggest you for reading our source for the two definitions mentioned above: Power System Protection: Principles and components, By Electricity Training Association, Institution of Electrical Engineers. Pages 307-310 Online available here:

Outcome of BS 88

The first British specification that defined the performance requirements of fuses for BS 88 was introduced 1919. In the time before exists a wide variety of fuses, but without national, British Standard. The first definition of British Standard 88 was limited to the fuses of that time. It was generally redefined in 1931, giving the time, temperature and other definition how the fuselink has to function. Since this time BS88 has several time be revised.

For further information about the different standards we advice to read: Electric fuses, By Arthur Wright, P. Gordon Newbery, Institution of Electrical Engineers Online available here:

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